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Trademark Law

Our knowledge of trademark law can help your business navigate the United States Patent and Trademark Office application process and any opposition proceedings that may arise therein.

Protect Your Trademark!

Did you know? Even after registering your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the task of protecting your investment is not entirely finished! As a trademark holder, you have a legal duty to ensure that no one else infringes upon your mark and destroys its uniqueness over time.

As a trademark owner, you are probably receiving promotions selling commercial trademark protection programs– but few include legal assistance like a law firm can offer to help you protect your trademark.

The Geller Law Group can assist you with this undertaking, by closely monitoring new filings and publications of marks that may be confusingly similar to yours, and by notifying you of any findings that may threaten your trademark and brand. If your trademark is infringed upon, we can guide you in recommended steps to protect your mark.

Fees: Credit card payment options are available. Word mark: $35/month or $400 for 1 year (if paid upfront). Logo: $40/month or $450 for 1 year (if paid upfront) Multiple marks: 10% discount if purchasing trademark protection services for 2 or more marks. Credit card payment is accepted.

How to sign up: Send an email to Office@TheGellerLawGroup.com to sign up for our trademark protection program with the completed form (page two). If begin by December 13, 2013, you will receive 10% off your first month or 5% off the first year (if paid in full).


Bunmi Laditan, Founder/Owner of Honest Toddler, recently featured on Good Morning America

"The Geller Law Group handled my trademark matter with speed and professionalism. Their level of trademark law knowledge coupled with a diligent work ethic made the process easy. I will definitely return to this law firm for all of my future intellectual property needs."


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